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I love you.


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Yes. No. Sorry. I love you.





Great First Novel

I really enjoyed this gentle but moving story. It's straightforward style draws you in quickly and you soon feel that you know the characters and can see them vividly. Humorous in a true to life way, it naturally leads you into the life and relationships between the central characters and gradually on to a new understanding between them. You are left feeling good after reading, and somewhat reflective on your own life and relationships. Well worth a read if you have a spare hour - and who doesn't during lockdown. Great first novel.

Highly Recommend

Such a beautiful story, not to mention, so well written. From the descriptives to the dialogue, it all flowed brilliantly. Although I’m not a family man, that didn’t stop me getting roped into these peoples lives that practically jumped off the page. A story that can get deep but knows when to be funny and certainly wouldn’t be out of place on stage or on the screen. Highly recommend.





More. Yes. Please. Thank You.

A rather greedy knee-jerk observation perhaps, however, although this first novel provides, acute, relatable observations, tender screenshots and moments of self reflection, it is perhaps a tad short (I know it’s a short story) on content for the huge topics it dips it’s toe into. The author has a great eye for observational detail and character development, allowing his unknowns to rise from the pages and quickly become relatable, familiar friends to the reader. The swift conversational written style, aids this familiarity, however, as it reels you into and makes you care about the tricky relationships between Father/Son, Husband/Wife and Man/Life, it leaves you (well it did me) somewhat hungry for more; a beautifully presented, tasty serving, however, I had hoped for a larger portion. A very good start from the talented Mr Mayberry, that in a mere 140 pages, provides clear evidence of his potential, albeit here we appear to have only scratched the surface. Highly recommended and I look forward to the next offering from this author. More. Yes. Please. Thank You. 



A Charming (and Wise) Story That Will Make You Smile

I do not read a lot of fiction these days. I read this particular book because I had the pleasure of interacting with the author in a Facebook writing group. He was kind enough to read my first book. I wanted to repay the same favor. I didn't realize what a treat his book would be. This book if perfect for fathers and sons. This book is perfect for husbands and wives. It is a book that will warm your heart and remind you about what's really important in life. Love is and always will be--- a checkmate.



Beautifully written

This book made me laugh and cry. A poignant story of love and relationships, written beautifully. I highly recommend this book. It makes you appreciate the power of love and family.



Heart Warming Book

Would highly recommend this lovely book... Really easy to read and gives you a nice warm feeling.



Normal Life Conversations

A MUST READ! This is not my typical genre to read, but this is the type of story that anyone can read. Whether you're in to romance, comedy, etc, this book is for you. It's an easy read and flows very nicely. The chapters that impacted me most was 7 & 11.


I laughed, I cried, I learned, and I kept reading. I felt I could relate to a lot in this story. It's everything that we all think about. Such a GREAT read for the everyday type person.





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I am very proud to have published my first story and am grateful for the support and many kind words I've received from friends and family. It's very exciting to see it there for all to see. If you decide to give it a go, I'd love to hear what you thought and took from it.

My writing style has undoubtedly been shaped by many things in my life: being the youngest of three boys; growing up in County Durham, in the north east of England; going to school in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, then a boarding school in North Yorkshire, before college and completing a Business degree at Sunderland. I've also been married, and divorced, and am a Dad, with all the hopes, fears, joy, loss, heartaches and triumphs that go along with those things, common yet unique at the same time.



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